SSRR Signal Department Visits NCRy


On August 11th, 2009 the NCRy Signal Department had the pleasure of hosting a get together with our friends from the SSRR Signal Department.  For over a year we’ve talked about doing something like this, but like us, the SSRR Signal gang has a lot on their plate.  

 On the day of the event eleven members of the SSRR gang rode the Capitol from Sacramento to the Fremont Amtrak station where they were picked up and shuttled by Signaleros Curt and Dave over to the NCRy Niles station to board the waiting train.  The consist for the day was the K.C. Bones and WP 315 pulled by the 1423 with engineers Al and Jon at the controls. 

Once everyone was on board we headed east towards Brightside.  Along the way we stopped near Estates Crossing to look at the GRS 2A semaphores and the Estates’ wig-wag.  We continued on to Brightside Crossing for more wig-wag action then into the yard where we gave them a tour of our rolling stock, shops, and signal Bone Yard. 

When we finished up at Brightside we boarded the train and headed off to Sunol Park for lunch.  The weather was real nice, just right for a picnic.  For desert Signalero Dave (with help from wife Paula) served us some DELICIOUS home made apple pie.

After lunch we boarded the train for a quick trip out to Hearst, then back to Niles in time for the SSRR Gang to catch their 3:33PM Capitol departure. 

This was a REAL fun event for all of us at the NCRy Signal Department.  We seldom get the chance to hang out with such a Great Group of fellow Signaleros.  A HUGE thanks to all the SSRR Signal Department members for taking the time to come visit us at the NCRy, and a Special Thanks to SSRR Signal Engineer Dale for helping make this event possible!!    


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