NCRy Signal Department Visits SSRR


On September 19th, 2009 the NCRY Signaleros headed out on a road trip to visit our friends at the SSRR Signal Department in Sacramento and attend their annual training class. We arrived shortly before class started and were met by Signal Engineer Dale who led us to the Stanford Gallery where we were treated to donuts and coffee. Yum!

Class started a bit after 9:00AM and consisted of different SSRR Signaleros presenting training modules on various signal related topics ranging from thermite welding to grade crossing predictors. All the presenters did a real professional job and all of us Signaleros learned a bunch.

We broke for lunch with drinks and treats provided by the SSRR Gang. After lunch we walked over to meet our waiting train made up of an SW8 and a very nicely restored coach. The engine and train crew was made up of SSRR Signaleros. They had a regular public train operating so our train was an extra just for us! We headed down their line and got to see all the new construction that’s going on. On our way back we got to check out their crossings at Front St. and Capitol Mall. The SSRR Signleros do top notch work!

We arrived back at the museum then walked over to the old SP shops. The SSRR Signal Department is located inside a couple of shipping containers like the NCRy. But what’s really neat is that the containers are located inside the old SP boiler shop. Very Cool! We got a tour of their containers and then a tour of the shop and transfer table. What an AMAZING place!

From our shop tour we headed back over to the museum where we got a private tour led by SSRR Signal Maintainer and docent, Paul. Paul is really good at speaking and did a great job taking us around and telling us about all the displays.

The museum was closing up so it was time to head back home and back to reality.

What an absolutely AMAZING trip! A HUGE THANKS to Dale and all the SSRR Signaleros for inviting us and putting on such a great event! They really rolled out the Red Carpet!


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